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The institute has well ventilated and eqipped twelve classrooms with all modern facilities and audio visual aids like LCD Projectors, Mike System, Overhead Projectors, etc. that provide the best ambience for teaching and learning activities.
The primary repository of learning and knowledge at BCIP is the library with over 2054 books on physiotherapy, medical subjects and related areas besides over 10 newspapers, magazines, national and international periodicals and journals. More books are regularly added. To cultivate values and competitiveness amongst the students, the library has a wide array of books on social issues, aptitude and attitude building. The air conditioned library provides comfortable environment for prolonged reading sessions. Library attendance is mandatory for students and planned in their academic schedule. To cater to the needs of the students a photocopy facility is also available. library
Exercise therapy lab
This lab has various exercise therapy gadgets like shoulder wheel, finger ladder, wall bar, parallel bar, suspension apparatus, Swiss balls, pronation supination board, wrist roller, hand gymkit board, wrist exerciser, thera bands, wobble board etc. This lab enables the students to practise the techniques on models before applying them on patients. exercise
Physiology Lab
This lab has microscopes, reflex hammers, B.P. apparatus, Stethoscopes, spirometer etc for carrying out the practicals of heamatology, respiratory system, cardiovascular system & nervous system. physiology
Anatomy Lab
This lab provides the students with state of the art models, charts, skeleton & specimens to practice the minute details of anatomy. Lab has ample number of bones for the students to observe & practise. The lab is having anatomy museum of human body parts.
Physiotherapy Clinics
There are two Physiotherapy Clinics for the students. The students initially observe the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the patients. Later they carry out the treatment under the guidance of the teachers. This training for the students inculcates in them the ethics and the confidence to deal with patients. These clinics are well equipped with the latest equipments & modalities of Indian and imported varieties.
Computer Lab
The Institute has latest computers with good student terminal ratio. All the legal software is provided with internet, scanning and printing facilities to help the students for their curriculum and projects. computerlab
Electro Therapy Lab
This lab has various Electrotherapy equipments like Shortwave Diathermy, Ultrasound, Mechanical traction, Multi – stimulators, Paraffin wax bath, Hydrocollator packs, Infra – red lamp, Ultra violet lamp etc for students to practise. The lab is spacious with good student equipment ratio. electotherapy
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Lab
MPT Musculoskeletal Lab is a specialized research lab. It is well equipped with equipments like EMG unit, Biofeedback unit, etc which enables the students (both PG & UG) to conduct research studies in the field of musculoskeletal physiotherapy.


Sports Physiotherapy
The institute has well equipped research lab for sports physiotherapy with many advanced & caliberated equipments like motion analyzer to record & analyze any activity, dynamometer to measure muscle strength for almost any movement of body, balance master to test & train balance, computering spirometer & upper limb CPM. With help of such equipment students can produce high quality research work along with enhancing their skills. classrooms
Cardio Pulmonary Lab
MPT Cardio Pulmonary Lab has equipments such as energy consumption analyzer, body composition analyzer, computerised spirometer with software, ergometer treadmill, etc. These specialized equipments facilitate the practical skills & research activity of the students. classrooms
Neuro-Phyisotherapy Lab
MPT Neuro-Phyisotherapy Lab is designed to provide both post-graduate & undergraduate students an appropiate environment and latest equipments to carry out research activities. It is well equiped with EMG Biofeedback or Evoked potential unit, Computerised motion analyzer, Postural tilt table, electronic pen & maze for sensory integration, vestibular rehabilitation aids & hand re-education tools. classrooms